Subject Re: JDBC Development

I also think that having a GDS interface to be implemented
with a Java-GDS and a JNI-GDS is the best approach.

I am going to define this GDS interface and post it
to this list in a day or two for your review.

I think that the teams needed would be:
1. A JDBC team that will implement the JDBC semantic
using the GDS interface.
2. A Java-GDS implementation team (at this moment I am
in this team and this implementation is a work in
progress) :-)
3. A JNI-GDS implementation team.

Any ideas ?


Alejandro Alberola

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> Oops..wrong button. Let me try again.
> I do believe that this is the best approach, even just for the
purpose of
> getting development started. The JDBC semantics of the upper layers
of the
> driver are going to be the same no matter what mechanism is used to
talk to
> the server. I believe that the JNI stuff will be a lot easier to
> and that we can get started there. I think we start by defining the
> internal interface betweent the JDBC semantics and the valves. Then
some we
> can divide up the work. Some can start working on the JDBC, some
can start
> working on a JNI-GDS valve and some can start working on a pure 3050/XDR
> protocol valve.
> The valve classes are implemented according to firebird/interbase
> and the jdbc classes are implemented according to jdbc semantics.
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> Application
> -----
> DBXXXConnectionInterface
> -----
> with three seperate potential implementations (names for examples only)
> (DBXXXRemoteConnection,
> DBXXXLocalConnection,
> DBXXXInterserverConnection
> This in the jdbc client I would see acting much the same as Y-Value
> currenly
> does in the C client.
> The "LocalConnection" type 2 guy since it goes through the existing
C sql
> interface would additionally go through the C Y-Value layer to
determine if
> it was really local or connecitng remotely.
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