Subject RE: [IB-Java] New JDBC work started
Author David Jencks

A couple months ago I made a bunch af changes to interserver mostly to make
the databasemetadata calls work, and also wrote an ant build script that
compiles both interclient and interserver. The build script is in the
interclient /20/firebird directory. You may have to change some of the
paths -- your directory structure might be different from mine. Also one
ant task may have been renamed. I'll try to update it soon.

I never had any problems getting any version of interclient 2 running with
firebird. Which group seems dead?

david jencks

On 2001.04.20 11:54:23 -0400 "Goedhart, Andrew" wrote:
> Hi
> When connecting to a Firebird SS server (0.9.4) on linux with Interclient
> release 2.01 I get a check bug exception with an error code of 10003.
> This
> installation however works fine with the Interbase 6.01 SS When through
> the
> interclient code and the only reference I had to a check bug exception
> with
> error code 10003 was when the interserver does get one of the pieces of
> informaiton it tries to extract when opening a conneciton to the
> database.
> Tried to compile Interserver with message debugging on but that was a
> hopeless fustration (still trying) Has anyone got a version of
> Interclient
> that with connects to a Firebird SS ver 0.9.4. Or has someone a buildable
> version that works with normal linux gnu compilers that I can try use to
> debug the problem. Also is there an active site for getting a jdbc
> support
> of interbase up and running the one on source forge seems dead.
> Andrew
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