Subject Re: [IB-Java] New JDBC work started
Author Ola Samuelson
LGPL would work for you right?!


Ken Richard wrote:

> I still believe that gds is the fastest way to get started with a plan to
> replace the JNI stuff with a protocol driver in the future. The semantics
> of the java side would be the same for the two drivers and the semantics of
> the native library calls would be similar to that of the protocol. That
> being said, I would participate in the development of any driver that I
> believe can be completed in a reasonable amount of time.
> But....I cannot work on a driver that is released under the GPL due to the
> commercial nature of my work. Please consider releasing the driver under
> the same license as the rest of interbase.
> -Ken Richard
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> Subject: [IB-Java] New JDBC work started
> Hi,
> I have started the development of a new GPLed
> JDBC driver (100% pure java) that talk with
> 3050 port of Firebird.
> In a first stage I am focused in developing a
> GDS port written in Java. I have worked a lot
> with the protocol code of Firebird but any
> documentation (or sample code) that somebody
> could provide to me will be greatly appreciated.
> After that, I am going to fill the gap between
> the JDBC and GDS semantics writing a JDBC
> implementation using GDS calls. Here the
> Interserver code will be of great help.
> I hope to make public my code in a few weeks.
> Alejandro Alberola
> alberola@...
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