Subject Re: [IB-Java] Re: Interserver Win32 Development
Author David Jencks
Hi Mark,
On 2001.04.18 21:39:41 -0400 Mark O'Donohue wrote:
> ft@... wrote:
> 2)-----------------------------------------------
> In NetTCP.cpp I also wasn't sure about the following.
> I haven't looked too far on these, but they just looked like there may
> potentially be a problem. socklen_t should have been defined by
> including sys/socket.h. So Iwasn't quite sure where we are leading with
> the following but In (mandrake 7.2) its the same as redhat 7.0.
> +// fredt@... changed socklen_t type to int
> //david jencks 1-19-2001 begin
> // int clilen, on;
> #ifndef socklen_t //problem on ms compiler
> -#define socklen_t size_t //problem on rhlinux 7, socklen_t is uint,
> size_t is int
> +#define socklen_t int //problem on rhlinux 7, socklen_t is uint,
> size_t is int
> #endif
originally a parameter was defined as an int, but the method expected
socklen_t. On RH7, this is a uint. I suspect previously it was an int, or
this never would have compiled.
So I changed the variable type to socklen_t and committed. Then someone (I
think Fred) discovered that socklen_t is not defined in some windows
systems... so I put in this define if it wasn't already defined. I have no
way to tell what the best definition in this case is... any other ideas?
David Jencks