Subject Re: [IB-Java] Interclient Driver from Firebird Built
Author Joachim Barheine
Looks to me as if  you still have the 2.0.2 InterServer running on your server. It uses protocol 20002, while IC 2.0.1 uses 20001. Replace it by the previous release (2.0.1) and your problem should disappear.


jwcanada@... wrote:
Having Borland Interbase 6 Certified version unstalled and  installed
Firebird rc1. Everything is working great on Win2K! Thank you for the
excellent work.

As the Borland InterClient 2.0.2 does not work with Firebird and
uninstalled it and download InterClient and InterServer from (14th November 2001 Firebird InterClient 2.01 JDK 1.3
Windows Install (.zip) (0.78mb).

Modified classpath by changing the newly installed interclient.jar
and started interServer.

However, I could not make it work no matter what I do:
1) connect to a firebird database running locally, the error is:
InterClient Release:                   2.0.1 Test Build,
Client/Server Edition
InterClient compatible JRE versions:   1.3
InterClient compatible IB versions:    5, 6
InterClient driver name:               interbase.interclient.Driver
InterClient JDBC protocol:             jdbc:interbase:
InterClient JDBC protocol version:     20001
InterClient expiration date:           no expiration date

Testing database URL jdbc:interbase://localhost/d:/db/test.gdb.

***** SQLException *****
SQL State: ICI00
Error Code: 335544344
Message: [interclient][interbase] I/O error for file "D:\DB\TEST.GDB"
Error while trying to access file
The handle is invalid.

See API reference for exception

***** Installation problem detected! *****

I can connect it with ibConsole to it.

2) When connecting to another database running Interbase 6. The error:

***** SQLException *****
SQL State: ICJH2
Error Code: 6
Message: [interclient] Installed versions of InterClient and
InterServer use incompatible client/server protocol versions.
See API reference for exception
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I will have to
uninstall firebird and use the Borland One.


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