Subject Re: Build on Windows
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> What baffles me, is that I finally found an actively developed Type
4 driver
> for Interbase but I can't simply plug it into my JDBC2 application
(with my
> favorite JDBC2 connection pooling system) since it is not
recommended by the
> driver's developers self.

I think this is the clearest expression yet of the point I was
making. Yes, it is *wonderful* that this driver supports JCA. But
it sure would be nice if I could just open up a connection and run
some queries with a plain old drivermanager arrangement, with no
J2EE / JCA / JBoss / etc. code involved.

Regarding the applet discussion, many applets are deployed internally
to a company, where the risk of someone hacking the applet to do
damage to the server is small. Having a nice lightweight zero-
dependency type 4 driver is ideal for this application.

Regarding pooling, Massimo has an excellent point. Many middle-tier
systems already have their own pooling mechanisms, which do meet all
of their needs efficiently and don't require XA or JCA.

Such a driver will probably be created when a developer with
sufficient knowledge and motivation needs it - i.e., for the same
reason this JCA-only driver was created. Fortunately, since this one
is open source, the job will be easier because David has worked out
the details of the Firebird wire protocol in Java and the source is

Kyle Cordes