Subject Re: JDBC Type 4 Driver Status and final build for testing
> No, J2EE is required. Unmanaged driver is the managed driver that
> manages the transaction itself. :) All necessary .jar files should
> in CVS client-java/src/lib folder.

I am not a JDBC expert, but I have used many different JDBC drivers.
I have never heard of any of them having a dependency on J2EE
libraries. I have also not heard this distinction between 'managed'
and 'unmanaged' drivers... how does this relate to JDBC 1.0/2.0
drivers, versus drivers enhanced for the JDBC 2.0 optional package
(DataSources, etc.)?

How difficult would it be to make this Firebird JDBC driver more
standard, with no dependency on J2EE code, only on the core Java
libraries and JDBC 2 Optional Package?

Kyle Cordes