Subject Re: JDBC Type 4 Driver Status and final build for testing
--- In IB-Java@y..., rrokytskyy@y... wrote:
> > I took a look the type4 driver and it seems quite nicer than the
> > Borland Interclient. Just download the source and built it
> > successful in Win2K. I am trying to find one sample example to
> > the driver in a java servlet.
> type4 jdbc driver has two drivers inside: managed and unmanaged.
> managed is targeting the application servers, while unmanaged can
> used like any other JDBC driver. The code for getting the unmanaged
> connection should be like this:

Hi, maybe i'm missing something, but it seems a number of files (j2ee
stuff) are required. Is it possible to use the unmanaged driver
without these (and obviously, if so how)? And if not, what is the
minimum number of files required?