Subject Re: [IB-Java] Borland or FireBird ?
Author Arkadiusz Rychlinski
Probably you're right.

Before Interbase became Open Sourced people from Borland tried make
Interclient JDBC-2.0-compilant and
add some Interbase-specific options (like service manager or whatever it

In my opinion (I don't know all the truth) project FireBird does its best to
fix and improve RDBMS; things like
JDBC, ODBC etc. are untouched (everybody use Delphi with BDE, IBX or

I really need this JDBC 2 for Interbase, then I'm also ready to help in
works on Interclient.


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Subject: Re: [IB-Java] Borland or FireBird ?

> That is confusing me as well - it doesn't appear that anyone is working on
> Interclient 2.0?