Subject Re: More problems
--- In, gonzalo <godiard@a...> wrote:
> I can't establish more that 10/12 connections simultaneous with
Interclient/Interserver 1.6 and 2.0.
> Is this a limitation? A bug?
> What I can do?
> Thanks.
> Gonzalo

I posted a similar bug to the MERS mailing list and a test piece of
code... I couldn't get beyond 20 connections without
an 'UnavailableDatabaseException' or similar occurring for each
connection after that (seems to be a per JVM limit as other VM's
could also get up to 20 connections, and other tools could access the
db still).

After a lot of hair pulling I've just installed the latest Firebird
release (4?) and Interclient 2.0... and with another quick test I've
managed to get up to 50 concurrent connections (I assume more would
work)... phew. Now hopefully Interclient 2.0 doesn't wreak havoc with
existing apps ;)