Subject Re: [IB-Java] Bug code 101, 103 and 104
Author Torsten Welches
Here's the JavaDoc of RemoteProtocolException. Does that help?

BTW - did you see Edward's reply...?

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InterClient remote client/server communication protocol exception.
* <p>
* This exception is thrown if InterClient
* receives an unexpected or unintelligable message
* from InterServer (or vice-versa).
* <p>
* This exception should not occur under normal operation.
* If a remote protocol exception does occur, it
* indicates either a bug in the client/server communication protocol
* between InterClient and InterServer, or a loss of network
* integrity.
* <p>
* This can occur for the following reasons:
* <ul>
* <li> An internal bug occurred in the remote protocol between InterClient and InterServer.
* <li> InterServer terminated abnormally, disabling communication with InterClient.
* <li> The network between InterClient and InterServer disappears.
* </ul>
* On Unix, if you suspect a bug, check for a core file in the root directory
* and if there is one get a stack trace using a command such as
* <pre>
* % dbx /usr/interclient/bin/interserver core
* dbx> where
* </pre>
* On NT or Win95, check if InterServer has GPF'ed.
* <p>