Subject RE: [IB-Java] Re: Interclient bugs?
Author J.T. Wenting
Thanks for answering this. As the code is to be used for an open source
system, having it depend on home-grown JDBC drivers is not an option. I
think I'll stick with getInt(1) for now, and wait for the official fix.

Jeroen T. Wenting

Murphy was wrong, things that can't go wrong will anyway

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> Subject: [IB-Java] Re: Interclient bugs?
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> > When doing the following:
> > select count(*) as userCount from users
> > and then rs.getInt("userCount");
> > I get an error that column userCount does not exist, again only
> through
> > JDBC.
> >
> > Are these known problems with 1.6?
> Jeroen,
> yes, apparently this is an InterClient bug. Currently only the
> original column names can be used to reference a column by name - the
> "as" labels don't work.
> Unfortunately the InterClient buglist isn't available for us yet, so
> I don't know if this is a known bug. Maybe Shaunak Mistry can help us
> out again - Shaunak, are you there ;-)
> I checked the InterClient2.0 sources and the bug isn't fixed there
> as well, so I guess it is not listed yet.
> The fix is totaly simple, the list of column labels is already there,
> so we merely have to check it:
>, method public int findColumn(String columnName):
> Replace line 1812
> "if (resultColumnNames_[col].equalsIgnoreCase(columnName)) {"
> with
> "if ( resultColumnNames_[col].equalsIgnoreCase(columnName) ||
> resultColumnLabels_[col].equalsIgnoreCase(columnName)) {"
> DISCLAIMER: If you do it, you do it on your own risk!
> I still did not find the time to configure the CVS stuff (god help me
> on this one! lol), so currently I don't have the chance to put the
> fix into the "original" code. I'll post it to IB-Commits and ask...
> Torsten
> P.S. I finished to rework the IC1.6 sources to eliminate the loads of
> deprecation warnings. The changes apply to IC2.0 as well.
> Since I/we don't have test cases yet, it will take me more time to
> test everything properly before I "release" it.
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