Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Programatically updating Aliases.conf and virtualization
Author Scott Morgan
On 06/02/15 07:23, Venus Software Operations venussoftop@...
[Firebird-general] wrote:
> :) to setup a new database for the app. I don't want the normal users
> to do anything. Still getting my programmatic head around Win7 normal
> user's way of life

No matter what, somebody needs access rights to the file (an admin level
user, or a normal user). That leaves you two simple, manual options:

1) Whoever edits the aliases.conf file logs in with a admin level
account, [Start Menu]->find Notepad->[Right-click]->Run as
Administrator, then edit the file with that

(Remember, even when you log in with an admin level account, the
programs you use only run in a user level context unless you open them
with the 'Run as Administrator' option)

2) Change the security properties for the aliases.conf file and add the
relevant user(s) to it's write access list. This is for the file only,
the rest of the directory and files would still be protected.

Programmatically, you need to write a tool that can ask the system to
bump it's privs up to admin level and has to be run from an admin
account. That's a lot of reading, google "User Account Control" and be
careful, some advice doesn't work on WinXP (it can BSOD the system!) so
test on an XP box before deploying.