Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Products using Firebird
Author Carlos H. Cantu
PB> There is a very good reason for that - its an opt in page, i.e. users say they
PB> are publically using Firebird and what for.. I don't harvest users from the web.
PB> There are a number of high profile users of Firebird that are or were at some time
PB> customers of IBPhoenix, but I don't advertise that fact either, unless they explicitly
PB> give their permission.

Understood Paul, and nobody here is asking you to break your NDA
terms. As you probably know, most of the big companies that can be
using Firebird doesn't spread this information. I'm sure there are a
lot of them out there, and this would be good propaganda for the
Project, since there are still many people that believes that Firebird
is for small projects, and people that doesn't even know about its

I'm trying to fill this gap. If for some reason any company wants to
be removed from this upcoming list, they just need to ask, although
this would be a weird attitude, since they are not really "hiding"
Firebird from their installations.

Carlos H. Cantu - -