Subject Re: [Firebird-general] RE: MySQL versus Firebird
Author Paul Vinkenoog

> >> Don't be so tetchy
> >
> > Imagine that: you are happily using something last 10 years, and at once somebody has
> > boldly proclaimed that this thing is "not usable because I found it a total nightmare"
> > without any further details. I bet the first thought in your brain will be "is he a troll
> > or just an imbecile?"
> >
> Fuck off

Guys, this doesn't work.

Peter, if you are seriously interested in Firebird's possibilities and limitations, please be specific about what you are trying to achieve and where you get frustrated. Without name-calling, if possible ;-)

BTW, embedded SQL is not what most developers are interested in. It's static and (IMO) awkward. That might explain why not much effort is put into maintaining and extending it.

Paul Vinkenoog