Subject Re: [Firebird-general] RE: MySQL versus Firebird
Author Lester Caine
faulksp@... wrote:
> This is the reason I don't use Firebird anymore. I keep coming back for another
> look every now and again, but it seems actually being able to use the database
> engine in a meaningful way doesn't seem to have any priority.

Having started using Firebird ( at that time Interbase ) long before MySQL ever
appeared on the scene admittedly using C++ ... There was no alternative to
compare to, but I never found any problems with the API. Firebird just works
reliably day in day out and now I've moved over to PHP for main development
interface I don't have any of the problems that many MySQL powered website
suffer from. The amount of traffic I see with MySQL hack attempts gets
irritating, but now gets a page back recommending they try I database I am using :)

My recollection of the SQL spec is that there are MANY more sections many of
which MySQL does not address or has only recently added but which Firebird has
supported for a long time. These days CTE is essential and not something MySQL
can cope with?

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