Subject Re: [Firebird-general] RE: MySQL versus Firebird
Author Dimitry Sibiryakov
10.03.2014 19:57, IJFQSFTGESJU@... wrote:
> It is set to Yes. But in parentheses because there is no MERGE statement.
> The tooltip (comments) says "Has UPDATE or INSERT"

Firebird has real MERGE. RTFM Doc/sql.extensions/README.merge.txt

> > BOOLEAN, autoincrements and DDL triggers will be in 3.0.
> Yes but 3.0 is still not released.

It didn't stop you from puttig (*) to "Window functions" row.

> > Functions as column defaults are enabled in Firebird,
> Really? I tried something like this:
> create table foo (
> bar varchar(20) default lower('current_user')
> );
> And that didn't work. Can you show me how to use a (built-in and my own) function as a
> default value?

Oops, I was wrong, sorry. Somehow defaults and checks mixed up in my head.