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> Computed columns,
Ah, right. I'll change that, an oversight on my side (my SQL tool actually displays them correctly)

It is set to Yes. But in parentheses because there is no MERGE statement.
The tooltip (comments) says "Has UPDATE or INSERT"

> BOOLEAN, autoincrements and DDL triggers will be in 3.0.
Yes but 3.0 is still not released.

> Functions as column defaults are enabled in Firebird,
Really? I tried something like this:
create table foo (
  bar varchar(20) default lower('current_user')
And that didn't work. Can you show me how to use a (built-in and my own) function as a default value?

> but not in Oracle (you cannot say DEFAULT seq.nextvalue for example).
Yes, you can't use nextval before Oracle 12, but you can use any (deterministic) function as a column default.