Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Facebook tra pped in MySQL ‘fate worse than death’
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Em 12/7/2011 02:57, Stefan Ludowicy escreveu:
> that seems to be more of a marketing blog-post.... there is nothing special
> about this "NewSQL" except that it always tries the cache the complete
> database in RAM - and you can do that already. Also SQL is indeed verry good
> for Web-Applications.
> By the way: when someone clicks on a Facebook Like button, he doesn't have
> to wait until that data is written to a mysql database, but instead the like
> request is just transmitted to the facebook servers who will then change the
> stuff in the database without the customer having to wait.

For sure it's a marketing post... I put it here because scalable servers
is a hot topic nowadays and NimbusDB creator is a well known person
among Firebird users.

I am not a big fan of buzzwords, but the concept of "NewSQL" goes far
beyond just keep it in cache.. I don't know if the new approach should
deserve a new name, but was not me who coinned it :)

In fact I didn't even know if Facebook has problems with MySQL or not..
But the fact is that Facebook or any other site like that needs an
architecture horizontally scalable...

see you !