Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Embedded multi user
Author Leyne, Sean
> Hello Paul,
> IMO this belongs in Firebird-support, but:
> > Can the embedded server now be multi-user or have one user make
> multiple connections?
> Both were already the case (see
> embedded.html#ufb-cs-embedded-windows).
> New in 2.5 is that the embedded server contains a SuperClassic engine
> instead of a Superserver. It can therefore share access to database files with
> other SuperClassic and/or Classic servers. So, multiple embedded servers
> and any non-Super regular server can now access the same database file at
> the same time.

Paul Vinkenoog's response is correct, but I fear a little ambiguous so I will by explicit.

The Embedded Server deployment CAN NOT host remote connections from other workstations.

The Embedded Server CAN be installed on a computer *which also has as a separate Firebird install (non-SuperServer)* and share access to a single database file.