Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: improving firebird-support
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From: "tempo93fr" <makowski@...>
> all the following perhaps not, but if someone can set up either a
> mailling-list - newsgroup or mailing-list - web forum gateway, maybe
> that could help I like mailing list, but I must say that newsgroup or
> web forum are easier for serching into archive or see quiclky a
> message that have no aswer, especialy f in a web forum you can use tag
> such as "resolved" so if anyone want to set it up : go !
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You mean apart from and http:// ? Yahoogroups does provide archive
search and threaded views; it just doesn't provide a good way to find unanswered
threads (or replied-to, but not truly answered.) Email clients aren't
particularly good at that either. For that matter, I can't seem to get Outlook to
do the simple thing for me of finding all messages I've sent to which I've
received no reply. If only they all provided SQL interfaces ...