Subject Re: [Firebird-general] 2.5 classic on Linux
Author Lester Caine
Pavel Cisar wrote:
> Lester Caine napsal(a):
>> > OK Am I missing something ...
>> >
>> > I've got a system that uses some windows processes that access the database, as
>> > well as Apache. This has been stable on 2.1.3&4 but I've just upgraded a site
>> > from a Windows server to Linux and as 2.5 as released I switched over to that.
>> > Problem this morning is that when things get busy it's refusing connections. If
>> > I kill a few fb_inet_server processes everybody can carry on, and currently
>> > things are stable with around 20 active processes. WHat has changed between 2.1
>> > and 2.5 that would affect this, I can't see anything in the release notes:)
> Guess it's related to xinetd configuration (default is AFAIK 20
> processes per service). add:
> instances =<your desired number of classic processes OR UNLIMITED>
> to firebird xinetd configuration.

Found it ... or at least the change. SUSE11.3 has the instances for xinitd.conf
set to 30, while the previous installs seem to have 64 instead ... and I presume
that is used as a default when nothing is set?

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