Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Updating FB2.1.2 download
Author Mark Rotteveel
Roger Vellacott wrote:
> The expectation of perfection can be applied to various aspects of the
> release process. It is not that anyone is expecting perfect software.
> But if it is a rule that nothing can be released unless it has been
> fully tested, and has gone through a final "perfect" RC phase with zero
> changes, then this is a degree of perfectionism which may be detrimental
> to the reliability of the product that people are actually using.

Sure and that is why there is a snapshot build available, but that
doesn't make it a 'stable' release. Chances with 'releasing' untested
software is that they 1) can include bugs that could have been found
with the normal (regression) testset, 2) the bugfixes for that version
might not actually work.

Also: fully tested does not exist, if software would be fully tested it
would never be released ;)
Mark Rotteveel