Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Oracle buys Sun
Author Ivan Prenosil
> Uwe Grauer wrote:
>> Stefan Heymann wrote:
>> > Why don't these webspace providers use Firebird? Because Firebird
>> > doesn't have per-database security (they want to host lots of
>> > independant customers on one machine) ...
>> That's a huge point which should really be adressed by the Firebird devs.
> In the roadmap I see only a few details that are going to be adjusted
> regarding security. Am I missing something or is this actually not going
> to be addressed at all until after version 3.0?

From FB2.5 release notes:

Firebird 2.5 does not allow you to set up more than one security database on a server.
From V.3.0, it is intended to be possible to have separate security databases for each database.