Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Oracle buys Sun
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> >Anyone care to share insights on what will happen to MySql and
> especially how this will affect Firebird?
> A friend of mine works for a huge corporation that makes software for
> the education market including a bundled SQL database. One day I asked
> him what database they use and he told me Oracle. I said, "I'm really
> surprised that since you are selling into the education market that you
> are not using an open source database.". He replied, "Well we looked at
> MySQL but due to the way that their licensing worked, it was MORE
> expensive to license it for our commercial product, than it was to
> license Oracle".

Entry editions (if you don't need the high-end features of an Enterprise
edition) of Oracle like the "Standard One Edition" and such are
reasonable prized for small/mid-sized companies. And usually prizing
also depends on negotiating with your local Oracle reseller a lot. And
AFAIK there even are special licenses if you want to bundle a commercial
application with Oracle cutting down license costs again.

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