Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Local loopback vs. gigabit ethernet
Author Tommi Prami
On which OS??


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> Subject: [Firebird-general] Local loopback vs. gigabit ethernet
> This is from a report Jim made on tests with Nimbus... don't know
> if it applies to Firebird applications, but it is interesting and
> unexpected, at least to me.
> To make a long story short, the problem was a change in
> the way I ran the tests. If I put the load program on
> the same node as the SQL node, a dbt2 load takes about
> 260 seconds. If I run the load program on a different
> node, the time drops to 77 seconds. The load program is
> doing approximately nothing. The difference is relative
> performance between local loop back (bad) and bona fide
> Gigabit Ethernet (good). An astonishing difference.
> Cheers,
> Ann