Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Advertisement opportunity for Firebird
Author Milan Babuskov
Carlos H. Cantu wrote:
> Seems that this "voting" is not directed to everyone. I did the logo
> and tried to upload it but, like you, I never had used StackOverflow
> before so, even after registering, I was not able to upload the image.
> So, I asked Douglas to upload it.
> After Douglas uploaded it, I tried to vote, and found out that you
> need at last 15 reputation/points to be able to vote :-(

Getting 15 rep. on meta is not simple. However, you can easily get 100+
points on parent StackOverflow website (just answer a couple of
questions on Delphi, SQL, whatever) and then link that account with your
meta account and get 100 bonus points on meta - and then vote for
Firebird ;)

> In other words, this voting is directed only for StackOverflow "real"
> users, not for outsiders :(

To make this easier, I created this question on StackOverflow:

Just answer and upvote everyone else so that we all get enough points ;)

Milan Babuskov

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