Subject RE: [Firebird-general] Refused subscription
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:17 PM 21/12/2009, you wrote:
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>> Sent: Lunes, 21 de Diciembre de 2009 8:35
>> FYI, I tried to subscribe some of fb lists to (as atkins is
>> down), but got this in reply:
>> > > This mailing list was subscribed, but has since been
>> removed by the
>> > > list administrators.
>The message is not clear to me. Did the gmane admins remove a fb-list or did
>the administrators from the FB side shut down the connection to gmane?

Dunno. But the firebird-net-provider list is on gmane and has been for some time (6 months? perhaps more.)

>Can it be a serious source of spam?

Yes, it is a *serious* source of spam. We don't get this on any other lists.