Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Is the Atkin news server down?
Author Helen Borrie
>Leyne, Sean wrote:
>> The news server/mirror is being rebuilt, the old server had been compromised and was initiating SynFlood attacks. ;-(
>> I hope to have the rebuilt server available within the next couple of days

At 08:51 PM 16/12/2009, Lester Caine wrote:

>Sean - is tied up with the news server?
>I was just about to get stuck into a session on PHP5.3 and needed my crib sheets
>but they are not accessible :(

FYI (since Sean is probably catching a few hours' sleep), everything Firebird uses is in dire straits. A few days after the Atkin mail server came up (albeit briefly), the NAS server started to die. It has been gradually self-destructing for the past two days. We have to rebuild *everything* - Tracker, wiki and webserver - from backups.

At the moment the webserver is still serving pages but nobody can get in to update anything. It is expected to die soon, too, some time in the next few hours.

Right now a discussion is going on in the Admins list to determine which Linux version will be used for the new VMs. Keep watch here for further information that will appear when there's something to tell.