Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Help with ISQL and connecting...
Author Mark Rotteveel
> > your post itself lacks clarity in the problemdescription.
> > I had to scroll down to your ISQL session to see what it
> > actually was.
> Well, I'm not so sure - if you think so, then maybe you're right.
> Personally, there's nothing worse for me than having to scroll
> through loads of code, then text, then code, then... &c...

What I meant was that to me your actual problem was not stated, just that you could not find out why it didn't work and had tried several things like quoting to try and get it working. Until I scrolled down I had no idea as to *what* was not working.

I think it is usually good to start with a short and to the point description of the actual problem, and only then continue with more detailed information on what was tried etc; that might just be a the tester in me though.

> And also, I could also say that top-posting is also
> confusing! 8-)

I usually agree, but in this case there was no direct relevant line to reply to.
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