Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Make a wiki and centralize all info about firebird there
Author Lester Caine
federonline wrote:
> Did we lose traction??
> I've been collecting/organizing previous posts to add them.
> Where are we??

Probably where we were 18 months ago when the wiki was first set up?

The bitweaver framework is a darn site more than JUST a wiki, and if
people want to switch the settings back to 'wiki' format pages rather
than html via an on line editor then that is possible. It was agred
early on that wysiwyg html was more flexible and did not have as bad a
learning curve as ( at that time ) the range of wiki formats - bitweaver
was designed to handle different formats so that people could keep their
prefered format. The framework is DESIGNED to be flexible. We ARE
looking into supporting xml docs direct, but that has little demand at
the moment so went on the back burner again.

The ORIGINAL discussion was for a single WEBSITE, so adding yet another
isolated package giving yet another set of software to manage is not on
my agenda. I've over 4 years invested in bitweaver, and it handles ALL
of my web presence activity with a single user login and a single
database with ALL of the material available to search. But nobody seems
interested in pulling all the separate sections of Firebird web presence
together in a consolidated whole :(

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