Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Make a wiki and centralize all info about firebird there
Author Kurt Federspiel

> and copy-paste the content.
> Huh? Where does the content come from? It has to be *written*
> first, doesn't it? Whether it's written by you or by someone
> else, *someone* has to do (or already have done) the work.
> > new pages with a click.

I think this thread ( is EXACTLY the kind of thing that would "cut & paste"....OK, Dmitry's out-of-context comment at the end that sent me back therapy could be left out. But, a little chronological order, cut out the junk, leave Helen's "out on a limb" comment for emphasis, and

THIS is the info I'd like available, although I will miss the witty exchanges between Helen and Dmitry!!


> conflict resolution with a click (restore older, delete, undelete, etc.)
> Not much difference with CVS or SVN here. The tools help, the decisions are human.

This comparison isn't apples-to-apples. My HDD wiki entry doesn't need to have correct grammar, syntax or spelling; I don't have to slog through the work of others to manually resolve conflicts. I copy/paste it in chronological order, warts and all; someone else can clean it if they don't like my grammerification or misunderestimate my spelling ability...

I use SVN, and I am NOT a wiki professional, but I get the feeling a small amount of editing, cut and past is a wee bit easier than looking for/fixing conflicts in SVN. I KNOW it's easier than CVS. I am NOT a CVS fan...