Subject Re: Make a wiki and centralize all info about firebird there
Author woodsmailbox
> That I think is the point. I'm still running my own copy of the SQL
> cross reference locally, but MY main motivation was to get a web
> framework that actually runs on Firebird, rather than using
> databases. All my own sites run a clean integrated system - built on
> Firebird, PHP and Apache, as I don't have time to manage anything
else ;)

IMVHO (don't flame please) that's a nice way to miss the point, like
the website at, which I wouldn't call a wiki
(accessibility-wise, otherwise it seems to imitate wiki features). If
the db is important to you, better invest in converting a mysql-based
engine to firebird. If it's written in php, python etc., that's
usually pretty easy (they usually employ a generic db lib and use only
standard sql syntax). There are also good engines that use only files
to store data, but I think you trade in extensibility on those, if you
later want to relate more custom data to it.

Please note that I'm always refering to a wiki engine, not a web dev
framework. It's wasted time to code a wiki engine in a web dev
framework, and it's hard to get good accessibility which is most