Subject Re: Make a wiki and centralize all info about firebird there
Author woodsmailbox
here's my quicklist on the tech. side (I'm biased towards the wikka
- ability to extend the markup through "actions" and "formatters"
(see and this allows integrating
tracker, docbook, cvs, anything.
- free/open source and written in a mainstream hi-level language
(php, python, java, perl).
- essential features: discussion page, smart title, auto linking,
interwiki linking, editor toolbar, image links, tables, file
attachments, code highlighting, delayed indexing, diff revisions, text
search, changelog, mass page reversion, refactoring, notify changes,
link checker... see for other.

I have a 24h linux server for hosting but it's down here in Romania on
a no-SLA ISP, so I guess I'll skip on offering it.