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Hi Marius!

Cheap is of course a plus, though the Firebird conference in the Olsanka hotel in Prague did show that not everybody prefers as cheap as possible (lousy breakfast, bad internet connectivity etc. do matter for some)! Other things that are important, is transport and visa requirements (this year Alex was refused a visa, before it has been Dmitry Yemanov). Taking a quick look at available flights from Oslo to Tirgu Mures (TGM) gave ridiculous prices - from 1800 euro using three flights and a lot of time! A direct flight to Budapest costs less than 300 euro, so I hope this pricing is due to poor algorithms on the internet site I tried, I cannot imagine that people pay 1500 euro for a return ticket Budapest - Tirgu Mures.

I think a Firebird conference in Ukraine or Romania sounds interesting,

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Subject: [Firebird-general] Next Firebird Conference

My boss asked what are the expenses to organize an firebird event
If is not possible to reply on this and public please ask me in private.
Our intention is to do it in Romania and we need to know how many
sponsor we need or
how much money we need for this.
Here is the city where we want to organize it

Our beer very cheap and the hotels are cheap too
also there many location around to see
like Brasov (Bran Dracula Castle) , Sighisoara ...

ps: Another ideea is to do an Open Source Romanian Conference and to
create an Firebird micro conference where Firebird speakers could do
their presentations