Subject Re: [Firebird-general] 1/3 of the FBCon 2008 - Bergamo - in deutsch
Author Björn Reimer
Hi Mialn,

well of course.
I've not published to slides of course. In every session was more
info than in our blog articles!

Only some infos about the sessions and from the sessions.

My idea was to attrac some more people to come to next conference!

I hope it's Ok for Fabio?

am Dienstag, 30. September 2008 um 11:51 schrieben Sie:

> Björn Reimer wrote:
>> I invite any other participants to send me your texts and I'll
>> publish them.

> I believe we should first ask Fabio for permission before publishing
> anything to the public.

> Maybe he'll want to sell CD/DVD with all the content from the
> conference, so having everything available for free from the Internet
> would ruin that.


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