Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Copy idea from OpenSSH website?
Author Martijn Tonies
Hello Marius,

>> In Italy you said that you work in a webdesign company (having big
>> customers, like Google) and your boss offered to do a new Firebird site
>> (even for free) for the project. Can you confirm this?
>I can confirm this , I will get with more specific details today when
>my boss will come at the office
>For example who will do the work and who will watch it for progress .
>In fact we were ready a few moths ago when it was proposed to do the

I discussed this with Pavel, given that the web-team has certain ideas about
it's maintenance and so on. I was the initiaitor for said redesign and
to get a (small) budget, since then I've been very quiet about the project
though. Time to get back on it :-)

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