Subject Re: [Firebird-general] FBCon 08 - THANKS...
Author Carlos H. Cantu
My comments is already available in FirebirdNews site, but I wish to
thank you again, for allowing us to have such a great time!

Carlos H. Cantu
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CFPS> Hi guys,

CFPS> I have only to thanks again all people partecipated at FBCon 08.
CFPS> I hope that you like sessions, foods and all other things.
CFPS> I closed conference wishing us a more partecipation at list discussion.
CFPS> Firebird project needs your help, needs your ideas, needs to be your...
CFPS> and the only way that it could be your is that you are more involved in it
CFPS> thanks again


CFPS> Codebue Fabio
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CFPS> FbCon 08 - Bergamo 25-26-27 sep 2008

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