Subject RE: [Firebird-general] firebird general ss
Author Leyne, Sean

> anyone tested firebird on ssd devices ?

Nope, I am waiting for a reasonably priced *enterprise* level SSD to
become available. But it will happen soon.

> sequential read speeds of up to 170MB/sec., and write speeds of up to
> 130MB/sec. vs an normal drive ~ 70MB/sec

There are several things you need to keep in mind when looking at these

1 - MB/sec performance values are *hugely* influenced by the size of the
data blocks being read/written -- block sizes of 4KB vs. 1MB!

2 - database perform *random* read and write operations, so sequential
operations really don't matter for databases. Interestingly the
SuperTalent site doesn't provide performance numbers for Random IO

If we use the new Intel X25-E drive specs as a 'straw man', it has the
following specs:

- Sequential Reads up to 250 MB/s
- Sequential Writes up to 170 MB/s

Admittedly very good numbers!

However, if we look at their Random IO specs, we have:

- Random 4KB reads: 35,000 IOPS ==> 140 MB/s
- Random 4KB writes: 3,000 IOPS ==> 13 MB/s <----!!!!!

So, you can see than Random IOs are "the true test" of an SSD -- they
give a much more realistic "real world" values.

Don't get me wrong, SSDs are the future and are getting better everyday.


P.S. IOPS = IO Per Second