Subject Re: [Firebird-general] FB time time
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:21 AM 15/04/2008, Robert martin wrote:
>Thanks Paul.
>I was looking for it as a menu item (where it used to be).

Faulty memory here, Rob. It was never a menu item. It was a graphic burned into the static portion of the home page. I took it out last year in response to tyre-kickers in the FFMembers list who thought other information was more important than a boring old graphic that nobody was interested in. So, for a while, it was replaced by DONATE DONATE DONATE stuff and, latterly, was superseded by the stuff about the tracker.

The time-line graphic won't come back - life is far too complicated for that, now that we're supporting 3 versions concurrently, soon to be 4. Stick with the Good Oil from Dmitry's roadmap. It's as good as you'll get and he has laid it out in a way that you can work out the timelines quite easily.

A direct link to the roadmap from the menu doesn't sound like too silly an idea, though. Might just do it. ;-)