Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Citing Firebird's popularity
Author Aage Johansen
Myles Wakeham wrote:
> I'm working on a proposal with a government client in the USA, that has a
> strong philosphy for open source software. This is great, as it mimicks our
> company's direction. However their main IT shop is more 'comfortable' with
> MySQL for some reason, and when we stated we are a Firebird shop we got a
> bit of reluctance from them.
> I would like to cite some 3rd party polls that show Firebird popularity in
> the open source community, and ideally some independent comparisons between
> MySQL & Firebird on performance, feature set, reliability and rugged
> performance. It would also be helpful to cite any testimonials that large
> organizations have in regards to Firebird (ie. Where its being used, case
> studies, etc.).
> ...

Some time (years!) ago, Dalton Calford described how they used
Firebird at Distributel (telephone company in Canada). I don't have
a copy of this here (maybe I could find it on one of my older
pcs). It did show that Firebird can be a good choice for heavy duty
use with high availability (99.999% uptime as required by law).
Maybe they used IB at the time, but this shouldn't be important in
this context.

Aage J.