Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Question about FBK and versions...
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
adrian_avila_mtz wrote:
> It is posible to downgrade Firebird 2.0 Database to Firebird 1.5.4?
> Im trying but I get the next message when I try to restore the
> Database to Firebird 1.5.4.
> "Unsuccessful execution caused by system error that does not preclude
> successful execution of subsequent statements.
> Expected backup version 1, 2, or 3. Found 8."
> Thx.

Yes !

Use the gbak from version 1.5.4 to perform the back-up on the 2.0
server, uninstall FB 2.0, re-install FB 1.5.4, restore the back-up file
using 1.5.4 gbak.

Next time put your question on the support list, it's off topic here.

see you !

Alexandre Benson Smith
THOR Software e Comercial Ltda
Santo Andre - Sao Paulo - Brazil