Subject Re: [Firebird-general] firebird 2.0 slower firebird 1.5
Author Svein Erling Tysvaer
Hi Felix!

Firebird 2.0 is different from Firebird 1.5. Mostly, I think people
report things to be quicker in Firebird 2.0, but of course it is
possible for the optimizer to make a worse choice in Firebird 2.0 than
it did in Firebird 1.5 for some queries.

I think you have to check with your customer which particular queries
are slow and then examine these closer to see if and how they can be

Don't assume your application to work equally well with Firebird 2.0 as
with Firebird 1.5, test it first to see if something needs to be changed!

I think further communication in this thread should be taken to
firebird-support, and not firebird-general.


Félix González wrote:
> Hi
> Is firebird 2.0 slower firebird 1.5?
> I've an application that uses firebird1.5 I've updated to firebird 2.0
> the customer says me that it's slower
> thanks