Subject Re: [Firebird-general] [ANNOUNCE] paper covering Firebird
Author Antoine Martin
Lester Caine wrote:
> Paul Beach wrote:
>>> I have just published a performance benchmark paper which includes
>>> Firebird in its tests.
>>> I hope you will find some of these results interesting, as I did.
>>> I am planning on making a new series of tests, including an optimized setup.
>>> Please bear in mind that the scope of the benchmark is limited (not
>>> trying to do what TPC does).
>> You actually compared MyISAM (MySQL) against the other databases...
>> Unbelievable. Thats like comparing apples v's oranges. Perhaps
>> you might want to compare a MySQL transactional storage engine against
>> the rest of the databases. Except they don't really have one of their
>> own yet.
> My thought as well.
(see previous mail - this is an intentional gotcha)
> And as Sean says - very difficult to actually read the results.
It was hard to fit that many graphs in 40 pages, the zoom button of your
pdf viewer should help.
> But it IS a starting point and it would be nice to see it expanded.
Thank you. Feel free to suggest anything.
> They did say that the FB2 they had would not install, and it would be
> nice to know which Jaybird they were using?
9f573e3be15976c3c17e9f6f5bab673c jaybird-full-2.1.1.jar