Subject Re: [Firebird-general] [ANNOUNCE] paper covering Firebird
Author Lester Caine
Paul Beach wrote:
>> I have just published a performance benchmark paper which includes
>> Firebird in its tests.
>> I hope you will find some of these results interesting, as I did.
>> I am planning on making a new series of tests, including an optimized setup.
>> Please bear in mind that the scope of the benchmark is limited (not
>> trying to do what TPC does).
> You actually compared MyISAM (MySQL) against the other databases...
> Unbelievable. Thats like comparing apples v's oranges. Perhaps
> you might want to compare a MySQL transactional storage engine against
> the rest of the databases. Except they don't really have one of their
> own yet.

My thought as well.
And as Sean says - very difficult to actually read the results.
But it IS a starting point and it would be nice to see it expanded.
They did say that the FB2 they had would not install, and it would be
nice to know which Jaybird they were using?

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