Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Sizing of FireBird
Author Ann W. Harrison
Hello Louis,

You'll probably get better answers on the support list - this
list is for general project information. The support list is

> I'm working on an applicative and database concentration (from 2700
> local agencies to an unique site). The consolidated target size if
> more than 4 To.
> I have some questions concerning this operation :
> * what the maximum size allowed for one base ?

Huge. Firebird using 64 bit I/O, so the maximum size is 2**64 bytes.

> * For one 'database engine' how many bases can I have ?

The limit is approximately the number of files you can have on a

> * Is there some capacity abaquus that give the hardware needed in
> function of the database activity (for the sizing of an
> archirecture) ?

There is roughly, but it requires much more information than you
have provided.