Subject Re: Firebird on Windows XP Embedded
Author Adam
> Boldly ask the boss for one of your own, a definite necessity.

LOL, it would look nice in my living room. I could put a usb wireless
adapter on it and listen to my music collection with the touch of a

The one we have is just a prototype at this stage. If it proves
commercially feasible (quite likely), then we will get to spend some
time evaluating the technical side of things on our own unit.

I am interested to see how well Firebird performs on a solid state
devices such as this. Access times are considerably faster than hard
drives (100x), so if machines over the next couple of years start
going 'diskless' (assuming lifespan issues resolved), it would be
interesting the sorts of caching that would no be longer required, and
whether that would increase the limits of the users a given Firebird
server could handle.