Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: Borland going turbo again
Author Stefan Heymann

I agree. Delphi ist still one of the most important development
tools for Firebird, as this poll shows:

where "Integration with Delphi" is the second-most important reason
for people to use Firebird.

A growing Delphi community is an opportunity for a growing Firebird

Best Regards


>> But all this is OT here, unless we figure out how it would help or
>> damage Firebird. ;-)

> Well, hopefully there will be lots of downloads of the "explorer"
> editions; DevCo have certainly started the promotion campaign.

> Our job now is to:
> (1) make a Firebird installer that puts Firebird right into a Turbo
> install (include the FB.Net driver in the Delphi.Net and C# versions);
> (2) include documentation that shows the extensions of FB versus IB
> (working from the 1.5 + 2.0 release notes, that should be not so hard);
> (3) make sure that there is link to an appropiate page at the
> site in the comments section of each article about
> DevCo and Turbo.

> If both DevCo and we are successful, it could lead to perhaps as much
> as 1 million trial downloads in the next 6 months.

> Paul