Subject Re: [Firebird-general] "DevCo" & Firebird
Author Martijn Tonies
> The big problem with IB as a commercial product is that commercial
software is driven by economy of scale- the more you sell,
> the smaller the development costs as a fraction of revenue. How can
Borland (or "DevCo") possibly compete in the commercial
> database market (over the long term) with SQL Server? MS sells so many
copies by virtue of the product's first name that they
> make giant mounds of money off it, while keeping the price reasonably
cheap. Last I checked, IB was pretty similar in price -
> and I doubt Borland could charge less and have IB be profitable at all,
with its relatively tiny market share.

A relatively tiny market share does not mean that the actual numbers are

Obviously, I have no idea how much licenses they are selling, but the
statement by itself holds true.

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My thoughts:
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>But SQL server
> can remain very profitable even with MS spending probably a hundred times
more on its development.
> The ONLY way to compete with the kinds of features MS can pile on to SQL
Server, is by being free, or having an even bigger
> market share. DevCo has ZERO chance of becoming bigger than MS or Oracle
or IBM, so what chance does IB have?