Subject Re: [Firebird-general] Re: "DevCo" & Firebird
Author Martijn Tonies
> > Generally, I'm all for cooperation and community, but this time I
> > have to ask what's in it for Firebird?
> That is a very valid question. Part of the reason for putting forward
> the question is to get community input on "what's in it for us?"
> > We do the innovation, they grab our code, and use their reputation
> > to snatch any lucrative support contracts.
> Isn't that exactly what would happen if relations were cool (or below
> freezing)? Isn't that what happened in the last 5 years?
> Benefits could be:
> - Receiving some code & copyrights, like Martijn suggested
> - Funding for the Foundation; something like a $1 mln annual
> contribution could be a good deal for both sides
> - Sales power. A Sybase-like company has 2 sales people matched with
> 1 support and 1 developer. I think DevCo might have 35 people in the
> Interbase team, 15 of which would do sales to big accounts. How would
> that hurt the community?
> - Marketing power. Spending a few 10K on banner ads, on
> paid 'journalistic' write-ups, etc. is affordable for DevCo
> For good order sake, we should not underestimate the bargaining power
> that we bring to the table. I think that the investors behind DevCo
> realize all too well that the plans will only succeed if DevCo can
> have a good relationship with the community which works for both
> sides. We have demonstrated that we can survive and thrive without
> DevCo. If they mess up community relations again, IB will die quite
> quickly and the investors won't like that one little bit.

What's in it for DevCo?